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Birrificio Messina means tradition. A tradition rooted in the past of the 15 members, respecting the most ancient tastes but with a glance projected to the future. A company committing itself every day to get the highest yield from raw materials thanks to cutting edge

technological processes. The company, started in 2016 and at the moment in a phase of expansion, is owner of plants allowing to produce different kinds of beers, maintaining excellent efficiency and reduced energy consumptions.

Beer production
The cooking room

It is composed by four vats in stainless steel with a capacity of 50 hl, which thanks to a specifically designed software, carry out the phases of mixing, filtering, boiling, whirlpooling and cooling totally automatically. At the end of the filtering step the brewers grains are dumped totally automatically too. They are then used in the zootechnical field according to consolidated principles of circular economy.

The plant

Although using a highly automated technological layout, it leaves much space to the skilled hands of the brewmaster. Specific panels in PLC memorize the different steps of the recipes simplifying the production phase.
A great deal of attention is paid to the piping system which allows liquids to flow (must and beer) and ensures sterility and total absence of contact with the outdoor environment. The whole system is integrated in a cycle of automated cleaning and sterilization

Cip (clean in place)

The machinery for cleaning is an automatic system used to sanitize the production plants and purify from organic and inorganic pollutants.
It carries out its task in a closed circuit, without any external contamination and protecting the environment.


Fundamental to have a quality product. It is used in microbiological analysis to ensure quality and lack of infections and to check that the high standard of products are met such as: alcoholic level, bitter (IBU) and colour (EBC).


At the moment it is made up of seventeen fermenters – fifteen truncated cones containing 180 hl and two cylinder cones, respectively containing 170 and 70 hl, dedicated to filtered beer – all provided with a cleaning sphere to ensure an adequate process of sanitization. The cellar capacity allows a continuous production process to respect the necessary times to obtain a properly matured product.


The plant, completely automated, is able to work at a speed of 12.000 bottles/hour. Efficient and highly technological, it is constantly monitored through LCD panels by special employees. The line connected by conveyors starts from depallet, and then goes on with the filler, capper, labelling, cartoning machine and automatic palletizer. The pasteurizer, thanks to its high temperatures, ensures lack of contamination in the product.


The department’s task is to take care of the raw materials getting into the plant and the finished product leaving it to be later distributed to the reference markets. The employees in this department work in close contact with the office dealing with planning the production of the different brands and with supply of raw materials.

Clean energy
Environmental sustainability
Reduced consumption
Power about
100 kw


Birrificio Messina makes its beers “greener” providing its facilities with a photovoltaic plant producing about 100 kw installed on the roofs of the two warehouses.
Thanks to this investment in environmental sustainability the brewery has considerably improved its energy output, being able to self-consume about 80% of the energy produced by the photovoltaic plant, to reduce electric energy consumptions and cut carbon dioxide emissions by about 75,7 t/year. Again, attention to the social effects of the whole process on the territory is paid and it is analysed through the protocol S.R.T. (Socially Responsible Territories), designed at European level by “Fondazione di Comunità di Messina” with Reves (Rete European Network of Cities and Regions for Social Economy). It’s one more reason for choosing the beers produced by the cooperative from Messina, that once again has managed to mix tradition, passion and innovation!

Birrificio Messina operates according to local social responsibility processes

The non profit organization Fondazione di Comunità di Messina supports virtuous start ups, attracting capitals, creative and technical-scientific talents and starting processes of economic development in a territory, which is the one around the city of Messina, daily impoverished and from which the most skilled human resources escape. Birrificio Messina is the most emblematic example of actions that have allowed a traditional local production to start again. This traditional local production has long marked the identity of the territory before being closed down, for sure not for being economically unprofitable.